Bleak Hall, Milton Keynes

Bleak Hall is a district in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England. Bleak Hall district is solely devoted to construction and light industry. Bleak Hall was named after a farm that is close by and its streets after book characters. Charles Dickens wrote the book Bleak House. The streets in Bleak Hall are namely;

  • Grafton Street
  • Chesney Wold Street. Chesney Wold is an estate in the book Bleak House where the main character, Sir Leicester Dedlock, and Honoria, his wife, lived. In this estate, Honoria met Esther at a church in Chesney World, who turned out to be her daughter. Sir Leicester did not know Esther because she was a child between his wife Honoria and her previous lover Nemo. Honoria supposed that her daughter was dead until her sister Miss Barbary brought her to Chesney Wold estate.
  • Summerson Road. This street in Bleak Hall was named after Esther Summerson, a character in the book Bleak House. Esther Summerson is a daughter of Honoria, who the cruel Miss Barbary raised. Esther Summerson is a narrator in the book and considers herself not clever but still affectionate, hardworking, and selfless.


Bleak Hall, Milton Keynes, is located next to one of the most significant railway corridors in the United Kingdom. This railway corridor is called West Coast Main Line that links major cities in Glasgow and England. It is stated to be the busiest railway corridor with a lot of mixed- traffic routes. Bombardier Electrostar trains operate in the Milton Keynes route. This route favors the people living in and around Bleak Hall. These trains use electricity as the motive energy.

There are significant industries in Bleak Hall, Milton Keynes, for example.

  • Bleak Hall Community Recycling Centre. This recycling center accepts items for disposal or recycling. This center makes Bleak Hall, Milton Keynes very clean and protects the environment. Bleak Hall disposes of used cooking oil and engine oil, household and garden chemicals, furniture, identifiable gas bottles, and fire extinguishers and electrical items, and electronic gadgets, among other things. One can book a disposal service online or call in for assistance.
  • Bleak Hall Motors. This garage offers services like testing and servicing your vehicle to make sure it meets the minimum required road safety and environmental standards. It has and continues to serve the people of Bleak Hall, Milton Keynes since 2006 and prides itself in value and good reputation.


Bleak Hall, Milton Keynes is a close-knitted community; mostly the locals are workers in the industries in Bleak Hall district.

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