Double Roman Roof Tiles 101 – All You Need To Know!


Double Roman Roof Tiles

If you want an aesthetically pleasing roof, you might want to use Double Roman roof tiles. Not only are they good to look at, they are also sturdy. These are an evolution of the original Tegula and Imbrex tiles that were used by the Roman Empire. Before, the roman roof tiles were made of clay. Today, they have been replaced with concrete.

Roman Roof Tiles are largely flat, and when they’re double, they feature two rolls. A Single Roman has only one roll. There are a lot of advantages when using Double Roman Roof Tiles. These roof tiles are easy to install and you would save some money with labor work. They also last long because of how robust the materials are.

Who Manufactures Double Roman Roof Tiles

One of the many manufacturers of Double Roman Roof Tiles is a UK Company called Marley. Aside from them making clay and concrete tiles, they also make cedar shingles and shakes, roofing accessories, and others. Aside from providing us with these materials, they are also committed to making a positive difference. Their sustainable approach extends to the planet, the people, and the process.

Double Roman Roof Tile – Specification

The size of each Double Roman Roof tile is 420mm x 330mm. Their maximum pitch is 90°, their minimum pitch is 25° Smooth (75mm headlap), 30° Granular (75mm headlap), 22.5° Smooth (100mm headlap). The maximum gauge is 345mm with a cover width of 300mm (nominal). Their covering capacity is 9.7 tiles/m2 at 75mm headlap and 10.4 tiles/m2 at 100mm headlap.

Professional Roof Cleaning Advice for Double Roman Roof Tiles

Because your roof is exposed to a lot of different things, it can easily be infested with mold or other organisms that may ruin its appearance. It may hold a lot of dirt, fallen twigs, moss, and even mud. Although it is best to call a professional to help you clean your roof, there are instances that you just need to do it yourself. So, here are some tips on how to properly clean your Double Roman Roof Tiles.
  • Ensure your safety with the right equipment. You should be wearing a non-slip shoes, a sturdy ladder, and a harness. It is also advisable to have someone with you to help you with passing the materials that are on the ground.
  • You might want to cut the trees before you start cleaning because they can get in the way if they are overhanging.
  • As much as possible, do not use a water blaster because they can cause more damage than you think. Use a standard garden trowel instead to dislodge large clumps of moss. And then, you can apply your moss treatment solution. Remember to apply it after you have removed the moss.

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