Marley Roof Tiles and How To Clean Them

Marley Roof Tile Cleaning Service

What is Marley?

Marley has been making roof tiles for more than a century and remains at the forefront of the roofing industry. It continues to be a popular choice for modern builds and council estates in the United Kingdom as their modern concrete roof tiles maintain the styles of classic slate or clay tiles. Marley’s concrete roof tiles remain a top choice in the roofing industry as they are more versatile, durable, and cost-effective compared to its more traditional counterparts. The Marley tiles have an A+ rating for the Building Research Establishment’s Green Guide to Specification. This rating means that the tiles are environmentally-friendly and can help you save on costs for heating and keeping your home cool throughout the year.

What kind of roof tiles are offered by Marley?

Marley offers a roof tile range that features more than 80 clay and concrete products that includes pantiles, flat, and interlocking designs. Marley tiles also come in colours ranging from reds, browns, and various shades of grey. The tiles are guaranteed to provide not just enduring protection but superb visual appeal as well. Aside from clay and concrete tiles, Marley also offers other roof tiles such as cedar shingles and the Marley SolarTile.

Our cleaning recommendation for Marley Roof Tiles.

Roofing made with Marley tiles is expected to last up to 60 years. The tiles also come with an unrivalled 15-year guarantee to ensure your peace of mind.

However, it is important to note that regular maintenance is crucial in prolonging the lifespan of any roof and preserving its integrity. Regular maintenance includes routine inspection for loose or broken tiles, gutters and pipes, and the removal of any organic growth like moss or lichen.

As professional roof cleaners, we do not recommend pressure washing your roof as we have seen the damage it can do to roofs. Instead, we have fully committed ourselves to investing in the latest tools and equipment to ensure that we deliver outstanding results every time.

If your roof is fitted with Marley roof tiles, we recommend that you choose a manual roof cleaning service.

The process involves a disconnection of your downpipes prior to the actual cleaning process, to avoid pushing down the algae or moss into the downpipes. This is done to prevent any drain blockages from developing and creating a host of other problems down the line.

After the drain pipes have been disconnected, we will then use a cherry picker to gain access to your roof without standing on it or causing any damage. Then, each tile will be manually washed using extendable poles attached to a special brush.

Once we have removed any moss, lichen, or algae from your roof, we will then proceed to apply a biocidal Roof wash product, which is guaranteed to keep moss, lichen, and algae from growing back on your roof for at least five years.

We at Concept Roof Cleaning recommend this cleaning method as it causes no damage to your roof tiles. If you would like to have your roof professionally and safely cleaned by a locally owned and operated company, you can call us through 01908 596009.

Call us today on 01908 596009 for a professional roof cleaning service throughout Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire & Hertfordshire – we at Concept Roof Cleaning have roof cleaning teams based in Milton Keynes, Luton & Bedford

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