Milton Keynes Museum, Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Museum is located in Milton Keynes, England. It was established in 1973 by local people who collected bits and pieces found in the factories and farms. These factories were getting closed to pave the way for developments to make the city new. Farms were abandoned, including storage facilities and equipment used in the farm. Thankfully to the group of people who decided to pick up part of the remains and keep it as a historical remainder lead to the birth of Milton Keynes Museum.

These volunteers were allowed to store the items in Stacey Hill Farm, Wolverton, by Milton Keynes Development Corporation. The volunteers later formed the Stacey Hill Society to cultivate a collection to create a proper museum. The vision of Stacey Hill Society gained prominence, and more locals began collecting items and donating to Stacey Hill Farm.

In the 1980s, the Milton Keynes Museum became a popular attraction for the locals who enjoyed the museum only on Sundays because that was the only stipulated time. Milton Keynes Museum became famous to the local schools, and local schools organized many school trips for students to visit the museum all-round the year. Milton Keynes Museum was mainly run by volunteers. Many people kept volunteering in the museum, which led to the extension of operating hours. Eventually, the board appointed a director to manage the museum and make it a sustainable project.

In 1996, the Milton Keynes Museum was accidentally destroyed by fire, whereby so many items were destroyed. Later in the year, works to rebuild and renovate the museum commenced and were concluded in 1997. Within the same year, the ownership of the buildings was passed from individuals to the Borough of Milton Keynes. But the collection of the artifacts remains in control of the Museum Trust.
In 1998 during Easter, the Milton Keynes Museum doors were opened to the public. Since then, it has evolved from being a local attraction to even a tourist attraction. Visitors travel from all parts of England to enjoy this museum that is rich with Milton Keynes history. Milton Keynes Museum houses a gallery called Connected Earth that tells a story of how human telecommunications began.
Milton Keynes Museum has a farmhouse and old shops with fascinating artifacts displays.

Visitors to the Milton Keynes Museum can make a toast in the old oven and enjoy it seated in an air raid shelter. After exploring the museum, one can catch a break and relish their famous homemade cakes and tea in the rusty but still cute café.

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