Our roof cleaning process

Our roof cleaning process

At Concept Roof Cleaning, we have implemented a comprehensive roof cleaning process that delivers excellent results both immediately and in the long-term. We are professional, reliable, and are committed to delivering outstanding results first time, every time. We are so confident in the quality of the service we provide that we guarantee the results.

If the moss on your roof is getting out of hand, causing issues with your gutters, and continually falling onto your driveway, then Concept Roofing Company can resolve those issues for you quickly and with maximum efficiency.

Professional roof cleaning experts you can rely on

At Concept Roof Cleaning, we have two golden rules for every job we undertake. The first rule is that we are focused on delivering 100 percent customer satisfaction; we will not leave any property until our client is 100 percent satisfied with the quality of the work. Our second commitment is to our staff and clients. We do not and never will compromise on health and safety. Working on a roof is a hazardous occupation, so we have invested in the best equipment and implemented stringent procedures to ensure our staff and clients’ safety at all times during the cleaning process. This is backed up by a constant rolling training program to ensure that our staff are fully trained and up to date with any changes.

Our Extensive Manual Cleaning System – Guaranteed To Deliver Results

At Concept Roof Cleaning, we want our clients to understand the process we use, as we feel that this helps them make an informed choice when employing a roof cleaning company. We do not use a power washer because we have seen the damage a power washer can cause to a roof too many times to count. Although our process is slower and a little more labour intensive, your roof will not be stripped of any layers; our process is designed to extend the life of your roof, not shorten it!

Let's look at our process step by step.

1. Enquiry made

Once you have contacted our sales team and asked for a quotation, you will receive a written quote. In addition to the quote, if requested we will also send you copies of our insurance, training for work at height IPAF, and PASMA qualifications.

2. Date of work confirmed

Once you have given instructions for the job to be completed, we will arrange a mutually convenient day for the work to begin. We understand and value your time, so we will arrive on time as promised, ready to begin the work.

3. The day of your roof clean

Upon arrival, we will introduce ourselves to whoever is present and then start the preparation process. This involves cleaning and covering any surrounding areas with a tarpaulin prior to beginning the work. There will inevitably be a lot of moss and other debris falling off the roof, so we want to ensure it is safely collected to clear it away properly at the end of the day.

4. Disconnect your downpipes

As we remove the moss, algae, and lichen from your roof, there is a very high likelihood that some of these waste products could fall into your gutters and then subsequently your downpipes leading to blockages in your drainage system. We do not want that to happen, so before we start cleaning, we disconnect or block  your downpipes, eliminating this issue.

5. Set up our access equipment

In most cases, we use a mobile access tower to gain access to your roof. We believe it is the safest and most efficient way to work at roof level and deliver outstanding results.

6. The manual moss removal process

We now begin to painstakingly remove the moss from each individual tile, ridge tile, and hip tile on your roof. As we clean each tile, we also inspect it to check for any cracks or signs of damage.

7. Gutters cleared out

Once the roof has been cleaned to our exacting standards, we then begin the process of clearing out any dirt and debris from your gutters.

8. Apply biocidal roof wash

The penultimate stage of the process is to apply our market-leading biocidal roof wash to your property. This product is designed and guaranteed to leave your roof moss free for a minimum of three years.

9. Clean and tidy up

The final part of the job is to clean the surrounding parts of your property of any dirt, moss, and debris previously on your roof. We always leave the area where we were working in an immaculate condition so as to cause our client’s minimum inconvenience.

10. Our favourite part of the job - the reveal

The final stage of every job is to get you, our client, to come out and inspect the work. Our satisfaction rate is very close to 100%, and inevitably virtually every client is amazed at the transformation of their roof. We look forward to delivering that experience for you as our next client.

Contact Concept Roof Cleaning today for a free no-obligation quotation and to get the ball rolling. If you have any other questions about the process or want to talk to someone about having your roof cleaned professionally, contact our customer service team today on 01908 596009

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