Reclaimed Roof Tiles 101 – All You Need To Know!


Reclaimed Roof Tiles

What are reclaimed roof tiles?

The life of roof tiles does not end when they’re taken off a roof. More often than not, there will be several roof tiles that will get salvaged from the pile. These salvages are typically not as worn down or damaged like the rest of the lot and are then called reclaimed tiles. Reclaimed tiles are sold cheap and can be used in a variety of home projects aside from roofing. All roof tiles including clay, concrete, and slate are repurposed as reclaimed tiles once they’ve served their original purpose. Clay roof tiles remain the most popular choice even for reclaimed tiles as it can last long, up to 100 years, without rotting. The main concern before choosing reclaimed clay roof tiles, however, is whether your roof is structurally able to support its weight. Meanwhile, concrete roof tiles are also a good option, as it can last for quite a while and is relatively low maintenance. However the only drawback is that it usually only suits modern housing. And just like the clay roof tiles, slate roof tiles are also low maintenance, have a long lifespan, and is not susceptible to rot as well.

What are the uses of reclaimed tiles?

Using reclaimed tile for construction and interior design continues to rise in popularity among builders and homeowners for several reasons. One of the major draws of upcycled roof tiles is that it adds rusticity to any project. Another reason why more and more people are looking to upcycle old, damaged tiles is for sustainability – the less tiles that go to the landfill, the better.

Reclaimed tiles can be used on exterior and interior decoration projects. There are also several advantages to using these upcycled tiles in your projects. Those with older properties like Grade II houses can use reclaimed tiles to maintain their property’s authenticity. Reclaimed roof tiles on older properties tend to look better, as new tiles will not match the age of the building.

Even broken or chipped reclaimed slate tiles can be used to revamp your outdoor area. These upcycled tiles add more character to your project than new tiles all while costing you less!

Where to source reclaimed roof tiles:

Reclaimed roof tiles are tiles that have been salvaged and saved from another roof. They are technically secondhand, but old tiles, specifically the high-quality ones, that have stood the test of 50 or more years will most likely last 50 more, after all! There are several ways in which you can get ahold of these cost-effective tile pieces.

Going to salvation yards is always a good idea as you can immediately inspect the tiles before purchasing. Another method is by ordering them online. However, if you want to save your time and energy, we at Concept Roof Cleaning can assist you with your reclaimed roof tile needs.

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Reclaimed tiles purpose in roof cleaning:

If you have recently discovered damaged tiles on your roof and don’t really want to spend on new tiles, do not fret. We at Concept Roof Cleaning can source suitable reclaimed tiles to replace the broken ones on your roof at a timely and cost-effective manner.

Call us today on 01908 596009 for a professional roof cleaning service throughout Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire & Hertfordshire – we at Concept Roof Cleaning have roof cleaning teams based in Milton Keynes, Luton & Bedford

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