Roof Ridge Tiles – All You Need To Know!


Roof Ridge Tiles

What are Roof Ridge Tiles?

Romans introduced clay tiles to the English, and they have been a fixture of the English landscape for hundreds of years now. However, when the Romans departed, the clay roof tile always went away. Some of the areas of England changed their roofing to thatched which was way cheaper. In the 13th century, clay tiling became prominent again. In 1212, King John suggested adopting clay tiles to be used for buildings as they presented less fire risk. It was then standardized by Edward IV in 1477. And clay is the key material in ridge tiles. Although roof ridge tiles were traditionally made from clay or slate, they can also be made from other materials such as concrete. These roof ridge tiles protect us from elements.

What is the purpose of roof ridge tiles?

A roof ridge is that horizontal line that serves as the intersection of two roof planes. Roof ridge tiles are used to make that. Since most of this type of tool is made up of clay or slate, they can be used to keep out the rain. It also protects the roof from heat and wind.

Ridge Tile Shapes

There are various shapes of roof ridge tiles. Here are just some of them:

  • Half Round Ridge
    This type of ridge tile shape is perfect for both the ridge and the hip of the roof. It is the most popular shape for plain tiles, pantiles and profiled interlocking tiles.

  • Angled Ridge
    Just like the half round ridge, angled ridge can also be used on flat tile profiles or slate roofs.

  • Capped Angle Ridge
    Capped Angle Ridge are suitable for roof pitches from 30 to 60 degrees and are compatible with Acme and Hawkins roof tiles.

  • Legged Angle Ridge
    These ridge tiles are perfect for rafter pitches, and used on the main ridge run of a concrete plain tile roof.

  • Mono Ridge
    These ridge tiles are used on the ridge line of a mono pitch roof, and they can be half-round or angled.

Ridge Tile Manufacturers in the UK

Here are some of the manufacturers of roof ridge tiles in the UK:

  • Marley
    Marley has been providing the UK with advanced roofing technology for nearly a century now. They have pioneered In the first fully warranted roof system too. They also have a wide range of accessible technical services and outstanding customer service.
  • Forticrete
    Forticrete is a Leighton Buzzard based company who offer concrete roof tiles that are durable and lightweight which can be an alternative to natural clay and slate roof tiles. They have been supplying roof tiles for over a decade now.

  • Repco Roof Tiles Ltd
    Repco Roof Tiles Ltd specializes in concrete roofing products and has a team that has been with the company for over 25 years. They also stock other roofing products.

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