Why Power Washing A Roof Is A Bad Idea


What Is Roof Soft Washing?

When the time comes to have your roof washed, there are essentially two options available to you – a power wash and a soft wash. Most people equate cleaning a roof with the sheer power of a power washer; the stronger the machine, the better. However, this is, in our opinion, the worst type of method to clean any roof, as we will explain shortly. At Concept Roof Cleaning, we only recommend and undertake a process known as soft washing, but before we explain what that is, let’s discuss power washing. 

Why Power Washing A Roof Is A Bad Idea 

As you might expect, power washing works by blasting the dirt, algae, and moss off the roof with sheer force. The greater the force, the better the clean, or at least that is the theory. However, there are two main issues with power washing a roof. The first is that if you use too much power on a roof, there is a genuine risk that you can remove the surface layer of the roof tile in the process due to the sheer power being used. The other perhaps more serious issue is that the pressure washer can force water under the tile, causing it to break or forcing water into your attic. 

Soft Washing A Roof – The Concept Roof Cleaning Process 

As the name suggests, soft washing uses a drastically reduced amount of pressure to achieve the desired outcome without the risk of damage to the roof in the process. 

When we turn up to clean your roof, the first thing we do is to conduct a visual survey of the roof and prepare the surrounding area with tarpaulins to catch the moss, algae, and lichen, which will be displaced from the roof. 

Having identified any areas of excessive moss, our team will manually scrape that area, physically removing the moss which is visible to the human eye. Once the vast majority of the moss has been removed manually, we then apply sodium hypochlorite to the roof, which gets to work on destroying moss, lichen algae, and anything else that may be growing on your roof. 

Once we are satisfied that the roof is spotless, we rinse the sodium hypochlorite off the roof revealing a perfectly clean and pristine roof, much to the delight of our customers. The last part of the process is to ensure that all gutters and downpipes are totally clean of any moss and debris. Once that is complete, we then pick up the tarpaulins from the floor, ensuring that none of the moss is left on your driveway. 

This entire process is safe, both for our staff and customers, is typically completed within one day, and leaves no mess for you, the customer. If you want your roof professionally cleaned, without any risk of damage to it from excessive pressure, then give our friendly customer service team a call today on 01908 596009.