What Method of Roof Cleaning do Roof Tile Manufacturers Recommend?


A roof is a critical part of your property, ensuring that your home remains watertight and protecting both your house and contents from inclement weather conditions. The benefits of roof moss removal are virtually endless.

As professional roof cleaners, we understand the importance of cleaning your roof, but it is also critical that your roof is cleaned properly to avoid any damage both to your property and your roof. 

Roof tile manufacturers understand every aspect of their manufacturing process; they choose specific materials for a reason, and so who better to seek advice from when researching the best method of roof cleaning than the companies who manufactured your tiles in the first place.

High-Pressure Washing – The Worst Choice any Homeowner Could Make

Tile manufacturers specifically warn people not to use high-pressure washing systems to clean roof tiles, and for good reason. The problem with using a pressure washer to clean your roof tiles is that the pressure is simply too extreme. Rather than clean your roof, it is likely to cause damage. High-pressure washing works by essentially using force to remove the moss, lichen, and algae. There is nothing delicate about this process, and as a consequence, there is a high probability that you will remove layers of the tile which in turn will lead to a shorter lifespan for your roof. A new roof is an expensive investment, so it makes sense to do everything possible to maximize the life of your roof, which is probably why you are enquiring about getting your roof cleaned in the first instance. In addition to potentially damaging your roof tiles by using a high-pressure washer to clean your roof, you also run the very real risk of flooding your loft, as water can be forced under the tiles, into your loft.

Manual Cleaning, With Care – The Roof Cleaning Method Recommended By Tile Manufacturers 

Now that we have established how not to clean a roof let’s look at the approved method, the same system that Concept Roof Cleaning has always used. We aim to deliver the best possible job, matched only by our excellent customer service. The method we use involves the disconnection of your downpipes before any cleaning work has commenced. This is because the last thing we want to do is push the moss and algae into your downpipe, which could then block your drains and cause further problems. By disconnecting your drain pipes, this problem will not happen. We then use a cherry picker to gain access to your roof without standing on it or causing any damage. Then we manually wash each tile using extendable poles attached to a special brush. Once the roof is spotless and free from any Moss, Lichen, or Algae, we apply a biocidal Roof wash product, which is guaranteed to prevent the return of moss, algae, or lichen for a minimum of five years. 

By using this recommended process, we do not cause any damage to your roof tiles, we never set foot on your roof, and if we do discover any cracked or damaged tiles, we can stop work and advise you before exacerbating the damage.

The fact that we follow and implement roof tile manufacturers’ guidance is one of the main reasons we deliver outstanding long-lasting results and receive no many positive testimonials from our customers.

If you want your roof to be cleaned professionally and safely by a locally owned and operated company, which cares about its customers and their reputation, then give us a call today.

Call us today on 01908 596009 for a professional roof cleaning service throughout Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire & Hertfordshire – we at Concept Roof Cleaning have roof cleaning teams based in Milton Keynes, Luton & Bedford

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