Why Moss Loves To Grow On Concrete Roof Tiles

Concept Roof Cleaning Team Removing Moss From Concrete Roof Tiles

All roofs are susceptible to moss. This cosmetic issue is especially common with houses with concrete roof tiles. Often likened to garden weeds, homeowners often consider moss to be a highly invasive nuisance. However, unlike garden weeds, moss thrives in places where ordinary weeds would struggle. And if left unchecked, moss can cause serious, long-term damage to your property’s roof. But why does moss love to grow on concrete roof tiles so much anyway?

What is moss?

Moss is an umbrella term for a species of non-vascular herbaceous plants that grow rapidly in damp conditions. It grows all over the world, especially in wet environments such as rainforests, wetlands, alpine ecosystems, and in urban areas that typically have a wet climate. There are currently 14, 500 species of moss found around the world. Moss can establish itself on virtually anything, from tree trunks, rocks, sidewalks, brick walls, and concrete roof tiles!

How does moss spread?

Moss plants spread very fast during the wet season as soon as its gametophytes get covered in a film of water and enables the sperm cells to travel from one gametophyte to another and fertilize other eggs. Once fertilized, the fertilized egg then turns into a sporophyte, which will later produce the spores. The sporophyte will only be able to survive as long as it receives water and nutrients from the dominant gametophyte.

Why does moss love growing on concrete roof tiles?

The nooks and crannies of concrete roof tiles make an ideal environment for a moss spore to grow in as it is often damp and unpenetrated by sunlight. A house with a partially covered roof area has a higher chance of developing moss than a house that gets full sunlight exposure. The more water the spore is able to absorb, the faster it will grow and spread across your roof. It won’t grow more than an inch tall, but it will grow like a carpet across your roof instead. A spongy mat of moss is made up of thousands of tiny individual mosses that group together to increase their water absorption and retention.

Prevention is better than cure.

The earlier you detect the moss growth on your roof, the better. Leaving moss to establish itself on the roof can cause several major headaches for homeowners. There are several measures homeowners can take to control moss growth on their roofs such as:

Trimming or cutting down any trees to allow the roof more sun exposure.
Regular cleaning and maintenance is highly recommended for ensuring your roof’s longevity.

We recommend hiring a professional roof cleaning service as they have the training to work on roofs to safely clean your roof and avoid any nasty accidents. In addition to this, our professional roof cleaners are properly equipped with the knowledge and tools to ensure optimal results are achieved with zero damage.

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