Willen is one of the ancient villages in Buckinghamshire. Before the name Willen, it was called “Wilinges” in the 12th century. It was later on called “Wylie and Wilies in the 13th century, and Wilne and Wylene in the 14th century. It was also called Wyllyen and Wyllyn in the 15th century. We’ll talk more about its places and their directions in this article.

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Places in the Area

Willen Hospice

Willen Hospice is one of the charities in Willen, and it is set alongside Willen Lake making it a tranquil place for patients. They have 170 staff and over 600 volunteers. To know more about the hospice, visit them at their website at https://www.willen-hospice.org.uk/.

Willen Football Club

Willen Football Club was formerly called “Willen Stars” in the summer of 1989. It is a non-profitable club with membership and sponsorship money. This is used to provide the players and teams with equipment and facilities. To know more, visit them at https://www.willenfc.com/.

The Ship Ashore

The Ship Ashore offers a lot of dishes like kids’ menu, vegetarian, vegan, and dishes on their fixed-price lunch and dinner menu. It is also a great spot to relax and refuel, especially when the sun is out. To know more, click the link: https://www.emberinns.co.uk/nationalsearch/southeast/the-ship-ashore-milton-keynes.

French Affaire

French Affaire is French-inspired, and they want to offer a home-like place for coffee, breakfast, a night out with friends and everything in between. Get to know the restaurant more here: https://www.french-affaire.co.uk/.

Sainsbury’s Local

Sainsbury’s Local helps their customers eat better by providing them with affordable, easy, and tasty meals because they believe that food that is better for us is also better for the planet. Know more about them here: https://stores.sainsburys.co.uk/4382/milton-keynes-granville-square-local/

Willen Tandoori Milton Keynes

Willen Tandoori offers a variety of Tandoori dishes that you can also order through their app or website. If you want to more about them, their website is at https://willentandoorimilton.co.uk/.

How to Get There

Willen Hospice to Willen Football Club

There are 3 routes to get to your destination. If you decide to take the Milton Rd. and Portland Dr. route, you are going to head northeast on The Hooke, and the slightly turn left to stay on The Hooke, and then turn right. And then turn left onto Milton Rd. Turn right onto Millington Gate. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Portland Dr., and then turn right.

Willen Football Club to The Ship Ashore

Head south on Portland Dr., and then turn right to stay on it. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Beaufort Dr., and then turn left onto Granville Square. Now, walk 58 meters to get to your destination. The distance between the 2 locations is 322 meters.

The Ship Ashore to Sainsbury’s Local

The distance between the 2 locations is 54 meters. To get to Sainsbury’s Local, you just head south on Granville Square toward Beaufort Dr. Walk 144 meters to get to your destination. It will be on the right.

Sainsbury’s Local to Willen Tandoori Milton Keynes

It will take you 1 minute to walk from Sainsbury’s Local to Willen Tandoori. Their distance between them is just 12 meters. Just head southeast on Granville Square toward Beaufort Dr.

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